Bandcamp. music company loved by artists, cuts staff in half

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The news that Bandcamp, the music-sharing website headquartered in Oakland, has cut half of its staff is indeed concerning for both employees and the broader music community. Here are some key points about this situation:

  1. Layoffs: Bandcamp confirmed that they have laid off 50% of their staff. These layoffs were attributed to significantly increased operating costs in recent years.
  2. Ownership Change: Prior to these layoffs, Bandcamp was acquired by Epic Games in March 2022. However, Epic Games subsequently sold Bandcamp to music licensing company Songtradr. This change in ownership and the subsequent layoffs were part of a broader cost-cutting measure.
  3. Impact on Employees: The layoffs have had a significant impact on Bandcamp's workforce, including its editorial section Bandcamp Daily, where it's reported that only three workers remain. Many employees were affected by these cuts.
  4. Reaction: The news of the layoffs has caused widespread furor among music journalists and musicians. It's a significant development in the music-sharing and independent music community, as Bandcamp was highly regarded for its support of independent artists and labels.
  5. Future of Bandcamp: The exact future direction of Bandcamp under Songtradr's ownership is unclear from the provided information. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact the platform and its role in the independent music scene.

This development highlights the challenges faced by many companies in the constantly evolving landscape of the music industry and the impact on those who have built their careers around these platforms. It's important to monitor further developments to understand the full implications of these changes for both Bandcamp and the broader music community.

Bandcamp. music company loved by artists, cuts staff in half

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