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We've got your back

Book World-Class Talent, Musicial Artists & Celebrities for Any Event

The corporate event of the year, the private party everybody talks about, the wedding of your dreams.  The one where you shine, as we take care of the hard work.


Love has no limits, and neither should your Wedding. Let's go big on your wedding day with a top dance band, big-name artist, or favorite musician. We have 25 years of experience and a core roster of incredible bands for your special day.
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Turn any corporate event into an extraordinary experience by hiring top-tier live bands, famous speakers or comedians. Book talent for your corporate event.
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Whether it’s for 10 guests on a private island in Mallorca, or 500 guests at a villa compound in Tulum, we’ve worked with some of the most outstanding individuals, families, and communities to curate, develop, and secure incredible world-class talent.
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Fundraisers / Galas

It's been our pleasure to supply entertainment for some of the world’s leading non-profit organizations. Now we are booking celebrities and headliners to perform at virtual fundraising events internationally.
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We are thrilled to bring the most diverse talent to light up every hue of the rainbow. We all know groove is in the heart, so… let’s matchmake your Pride event with some of the most-loved icons, award-winning dance bands, cutting-edge DJ’s, and even reality television & media personalities as emcees.
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We love in-person events the most, but since 2020, we have been sharpening our skills and connecting audiences through Virtual Live Events. These events, just like our biggest in-person events, are raise-the-roof experiences… reformatted for the 15” screen.
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Spend 5 minutes and tell us about your event, preferences and other details, and get personal recommendations curated by Jay and his crew.