Event Planning

We have 25 years experience in planning the perfect event. Big and small. International or right next to your home.

Curated Talent Booking

You can grab the phone, but who do you call? And what do you say? Leave that to us, and let us help you find the right talent for the event.

We are talent liaisons that represent clients to acquire world-class live entertainment for their events. This is the foundation of our work, the soul of our business, and what we've been doing for over 25 years. We have the capability to book nearly any artist for any event. From ideation through negotiation to on-site execution, we provide a full suite of services to lift events into experiences that exceed expectations and build in memorability and impact at every turn. Discover Talent.


Signature All-Star Line-Up

Wanna build your dream concert on a budget? Read on.

For years, we’ve had the pleasure of customizing all-star line-ups backed by our super-hot dance band of top musicians. These line-ups can be of a theme (80s? 90s? Studio 54?) or an amazing mish-mash of favorite artists from around the globe. Think Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray coming out and performing 4 of his #1 90s classic hits, then Bret Michaels of Poison rocking the audience with ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn." Was that not enough for your private event? Well, let’s bring out Vanilla Ice to sing “Ice Ice Baby” and then have the lead singer of Motley Crue sing ‘Kickstart My Heart’

The point is, we can deliver a well-curated show of nothing but hits, with one singular band, and the notable stars who sang them. We’ve done this with a great deal of success around the world. Contact us to explore more on our all-star line ups.


Creative Ideation & Direction

In a world of opportunities, why not leverage our years of experience and insights to make your event event greater.

Your event is one-of-a-kind, and we exist to make it even more unique so that every guest leaves wowed, connected, and impressed. Our creative ideation services fully curate every event’s live entertainment. If you have a vision, we will tailor the line-ups to bring the fantasy into reality. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we will help you hone in on the desired experience, and bring it to life. Our team of booking liaisons, creative directors, and producers work with your event team to imagine the greatest possibilities… and then take it to the next level.While we are not the event producers, we ideate around entertainment like mofos, with a large scale of knowledge, which differentiates our work - we bang out creative vision with you and tie in what you are trying to do and the best way to deliver that with verve and passion. If that sounds like what you are looking for, please (contact us) We have the capacity to push the overall creative for your event. Ideating on how to connect the theme with the event segmentation, identifying takeaways, and how to get there. We offer creative direction to design, develop, and actualize full event entertainment. From ideation calls to full event entertainment design,  Talent curation consulting to discuss the possibilities, matching feeling with entertainment - we know what we want people to feel - keynote or big-name entertainment


Digital Content

Let’s make the magic last forever.

From promotional videos to get invitees excited, to on-site event capture, to follow-up sizzle reels, we lead and manage projects with our high-level creative partners to bring the tease, build effective promotion, and create dynamic and meaningful digital assets. Designed for high-end private and corporate clients, and especially effective as a complement to virtual events, we work with individuals and marketing departments alike to make sure that the magic lasts forever.

Let’s Get Live, and Digital


Contract Negotiations

Swift and diligent, our contract work is deeply professional, expert-level, and accurate.

We are highly detailed, and offer our services done-for-you so that every client experience is clear, thorough, and transparent in communication and transactions. We leave nothing to chance and mitigate risk with the tightest contracts in the event industry.


On-Site Pre-Production & Coordination

It is our mission to offer a seamless experience, and we take pride in our professional tenor to deliver a smooth experience for everyone.

Each event is accompanied by a collaborative pre-production process that enables the client and talent to feel and be supported from first contact all the way through the closing curtain. While not every occasion calls for it, for those that do, we offer on-site talent and crew management so that clients can focus on wowing their guests, while having a great time themselves.

Don´t you!

Spend 5 minutes and tell us about your event, preferences and other details, and get personal recommendations curated by Jay and his crew.
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